Updated clothing catalogues


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Online Uniform Shop specialises in providing corporations, organisations, sports teams, schools, and tradesmen with the appropriate uniforms. We have access to a vast range of suitable apparel and equipment from some of New Zealand’s most well-known brands.

The following uniform and apparel catalogues have recently been updated:

Biz Care

Medical workers may choose various creative, cosy, and highly functional modern clothing options from the Biz Care healthcare clothing line. Biz Care is created to match the Biz collection readily. View the catalogue.

Biz Collection

Biz Collection is a premium uniform, team wear, and promotional gear manufacturer and supplier. Biz Collection offers complementing gear with energy, ideas, diversity, and designs to meet a wide range of corporate or team applications. View the catalogue.

Biz Corporates

Leading corporate apparel and uniform company Biz Corporates specialises in designer shirts and suits. Whatever your industry, the Biz Corporates brand has you covered, whether it be health and aged care, offices, finance, franchising, retail, or government. View the catalogue.

Syzmik Workwear

Syzmic workwear is more durable, comfortable, and well-fitting than conventional work attire. We offer a complete selection of high visibility, day and night compliance shirts, trousers, shorts, polo shirts, fleece, hoodies, vests, jackets, overalls, and more. Sizes for men, women, and unisex are available. View the catalogue.

We provide work, sports, medical, hospitality, and corporate attire. Whether it’s your workers,┬ásports team, club members, or franchisees, we’ll make sure they’re professionally attired.

If you have a question regarding team uniforms, corporate clothes, garment prices, or anything else, please contact us.