Services available

Online Uniform Shop provides an all-in-one custom branding solution. We offer only the best quality garments and then apply long-lasting branding techniques like felt applique, sublimation, heat press, embroidery and screen printing.


Sublimation is a quick, low-cost computerised process using heat to transfer dye into the fabric of your chosen uniform. Sublimation means we can put your team or corporate logo straight onto your uniform with minimal extra cost and high-quality look. Complex colour images? No problem – sublimation handles photographic images, blended colours, shadows and more. Sublimation achieves a long-lasting finish as the dye is applied directly into the fabric.

Heat press

Heat press is the process of transferring a printed design from paper to a garment through heat and pressure. It’s ideal for small runs and often used when you need (for example) a small run of branded t-shirts for a promotional event. 

Screen printing

Screen printing is the ‘old school’ process for printing a design onto a garment. Ink is passed through a screen that’s been stretched over a frame with a stencil. The stencil determines where ink is passed through and thus determines the design that appears on the fabric beneath. Screen printing involves some setup costs but if you’re after an ‘old school’ look this can be the way to go.


Embroidery is often the best process to apply when adding your logo or message to garments with a texture to them like some jackets, woollen hats or caps. Your logo is literally sewn into the fabric of the garment. This achieves a very long-lasting result and one that often stands out more as the logo is raised from the fabric and has its own seams.